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The Care You Need When You Need It.

Carefree Living At Home Agency takes pride in
becoming a pivotal part in the homes & lives of
our clients which has cultivated who we are.


One Goal…

To fulfill your home care needs by partnering with you and your family and providing an exceptional care experience that is tailored to your specific needs. Your care will be managed by a registered nurse to ensure all of your expectations are met or exceeded.

Our Trusted Services

Providing affordable, comprehensive care while empowering Individuals to age comfortably & safely in their homes.

Home & Respite Care

At Carefree Living at Home, we are committed to providing the most thorough home healthcare to adults. Our certified home health aides are ready to assist you and your family with a range of activities involved in day to day life. Respite and companionship services help enhance the lives of the individual and his/her family.

Alzheimers & Dementia

Carefree Living at Home utilizes a person-centered approach which is grounded in the belief that all people have the right to treatment which emphasizes their abilities, not their disabilities. Carefree Living at Home believes that with an appropriate level of support, everyone, including those who have been diagnosed with dementia, can lead happy and fulfilling lives.


At Carefree Living at Home, the caregivers are allowed to transport clients in the client’s vehicle or transport the client in the caregiver’s vehicle proper proof of insurance from both parties. Caregivers are aware of keeping the environment familiar and are more than happy to accommodate with what is more convenient and comfortable for the client when transporting. All caregivers who transport clients have a valid driver’s license.

Light Housekeeping

Caregiver’s clean common areas and those places that are soiled or in immediate need. Clients would need to understand the expectations of the caregiver is limited to this and not cleaning the entire dwelling. However, clients may have special requests to wash linens or damp mop common areas on certain days. Care is given to ensure clients are safe from hazard during cleaning.

Medication Reminder

At Carefree Living at Home, the caregivers make the care of the client a priority. Assuring the client takes his/her medication is vital in their recovery and well-being. Although caregivers do not administer medications, reminders are made just before each scheduled medication is due. Clients/family members provide appropriate times to caregivers. Therefore, medications are taken on time and never late.

Grooming & Dressing

Caregivers know that your appearance is very important in making you feel good about yourself. Caregivers groom patients on a scheduled timely and as needed to assure tidiness. Clients feel their best when they are looking their best. Caregivers assist with dressing making sure accommodations are made for disabilities, pain, and uncomfortable situations.

Bathing & Showering

Caregivers at Carefree Living at Home bathe/shower client in the best mode for the client’s need including bed bath, tub, or sit-down/stand-up shower. Caregivers assure cleanliness of the patient and assure special care is provided for those clients displaying modest behavior. Bathing and showering can be scheduled and as needed.

Specialized Services

Providing affordable, comprehensive care while empowering Individuals to age comfortably & safely in their homes.

Nurse Concierge Service: allows for common errands to be performed by an experienced registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) who specializes in geriatric care. You choose the level of expert care desired. The nurse will accompany your loved one to medical appointments, receive information and relay it back to the family, schedule and reschedule appointments, monitor and keep prescriptions filled, and much more! Our nurse concierge team is available by making one easy call.

Case Management: is a service provided to families who may not be local and present to support their aging parent or loved one.

Companionship & Care: Driven by a Registered Nurse or Professional Geriatric Care Manager, our services will “engage” and “align” with our clients’ current circumstances, enhancing their day to day living experience.

A Real Passion For People!

“Carefree Living At Home caregivers are thoroughly screened and trained. They may help loved ones with everyday tasks or provide ongoing live-in assistance to help elderly family members maintain their quality of life and independence.”

Our Caregivers

Professional • Attentive • Compassionate

Particular focus is directed to our recruitment efforts ensuring our personnel are competent and “compassionate” to deliver exceptional quality care.

Each of our caregivers undergo a strict credentialing process including Criminal Background Screenings and professional reference checks.

Virtual Caregiving Program

Our Virtual Caregiver Program allows our team to stay connected with our clients even on those days that caregivers are not scheduled.

Through means of visual or telephonic communication, our care team will “check-in” on specific days/times and address with our client the selected areas of support, such as compliance with medication, bathing or dietary needs.

Discover What Makes Us Different!

CareFree Living Home Care Agency is the leading provider of in-home care, offering customized services to meet the unique needs of your loved ones. We help seniors and other adults who need assistance to live, and thrive, in the home environment they love.

We believe care is more than just doing a task for someone else— when you truly care for someone, it starts in the heart. At Carefree Living at Home, our quality care has shown us that care can transform a life for the better, create a lasting friendship, and elevate a person’s spirit.

From companion care and conversation to helping with meals and mobility, our caregivers can lend a helping hand.


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