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Who Are We?

At home caretakers in it for the right reason.

Carefree Living At Home Agency takes pride in
becoming a pivotal part in the homes & lives of
our clients which has cultivated who we are.


Where we started from…

We began as a small two-person operation….Your website serves several important purposes for your company — attracting customers, generating leads, and making sales, just to name a few. And as your home on the Internet, it also needs to explain who you are to the world and why they should choose you over your competitors.

Our Pledge of Excellence

Carefree Living at Home is dedicated to maintaining the dignity, comfort, safety, independence, well-being, and happiness of each Client by referring the highest quality professional Caregivers at an affordable cost to the Client.
Carefree Living at Home is committed to treating all Caregivers with respect and consideration. We strive to keep wages competitive, to listen to the needs of Caregivers, and to serve as their advocates.
Carefree Living at Home recruits office staff who adhere to our philosophy of caring; offering them a safe and pleasant environment and opportunities for growth and development, both personally and professionally.
Carefree Living at Home strives to ease the burden of long term care professionals who are seeking help for clients and to offer peace of mind to family caregivers.
Carefree Living at Home’s goal is to make home care an affordable option to everyone in the community.
Carefree Living at Home makes every reasonable effort to refer the highest quality Caregivers at the lowest possible cost for senior home care services to the Client. Professional Caregivers are expertly screened before referral. Our frequent contact and follow-up with each Client helps maintain our desired quality and level of home care.

Our Code of Ethics

The Jackson, MS Offices of Carefree Living a is committed to the following:

    • Fairness in our dealings with Clients; we always look for the most affordable way to provide service.
    • Achieving the best relationship between Clients and Caregivers; we try to make the best match and, when possible, continue to refer the same Caregivers to the same Clients.
    • Integrity when dealing with Caregivers, office staff, co-workers, and fellow Directors/Managers.
    • Respect for privacy of Clients and their families.
    • Commitment to raising standards in the home care service industry.
    • Our promise to keep rates affordable.

We began Carefree Living at Home with two goals: to keep the cost of home care services affordable for the average person and to attract and retain the best caregivers in the industry. Today, the Jackson, MS Offices of Carefree Living at Home work hard to achieve this balance of superior quality and affordability.

Our Caregivers

We believe care is more than just doing a task for someone else— when you truly care for someone, it starts in the heart. At Carefree Living Home Care two decades of senior care have shown us that care can transform a life for the better, create a lasting friendship, and elevate a person’s spirit.

From companion care and conversation to helping with meals and mobility, our caregivers can lend a helping hand.


Virtual Caregiving Program


Our Virtual Caregiver Program allows our team to stay connected with our clients even on those days that caregivers are not scheduled.

Through means of visual or telephonic communication, our care team will “check- in” on specific days/times and address with our client the selected areas of support, such as compliance with medication, bathing or dietary needs.

Your Valuable Peace of Mind

Commitment to excellence in home care, Carefree Living Home Care earn industry leading wages and benefits, which helps us attract top home care service professionals from the Jackson and surrounding communities. This allows us to be more selective in our hiring process and create caregiver loyalty. We also minimize administrative overhead to keep the overall cost as low as possible. The chart below clearly shows that the majority of Carefree Living Home Care’s fees goes towards the caregiver’s compensation while only a small amount is used for overhead. The typical agency retains about half of their fees for overhead and profit. This value makes Carefree Living Home Care the agency of choice in the Jackson area and a wise financial alternative for home care Clients and their families that are looking for value and quality from their home care company.

A Real Passion For People!

“Carefree Living At Home caregivers are thoroughly screened and trained. They may help loved ones with everyday tasks or provide ongoing live-in assistance to help elderly family members maintain their quality of life and independence.”

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